What is Push Traffic? 5 Benefits and Successful Push Traffic Niches

What is push traffic, and why do businesses need it? To make the most out of advertising and create an effective advertising banner, businesses must be aware of different types of push notifications and appropriate techniques.

Push notifications are the best way to access your audience in the modern world. Regardless of the device or browser they use, you can send your push ads whenever you desire! Indeed, push ads are the quickest communication channel, which enables us to send our messages, offers, and other information to our audience. Isn’t it interesting? In this blog post, Daart Ads digital advertising platform is going to explain different types of push traffic,5 benefits of push notifications, and also introduce 3 successful niches:

The History of Push Notifications

What is push traffic history? Push notification, introduced as a digital marketing channel in 2009, swiftly became accessible to users. Marketers believe that this is the best way to increase user retention engagement throughout other advertising channels. 

What is Push Traffic?

what is push traffic

 Push traffic is all about sending advertising messages throughout websites and applications, individuals’ desktops, or mobile screens. Unlike certain click-through notification ads that necessitate customer contact information, push notifications operate distinctively. Users, in some instances, willingly receive your messages by opting into various website push notification services, constituting what is commonly referred to as “push traffic.”

what is push traffic? the term “push traffic” in digital marketing pertains to the audience or visitors directed to a website or specific offers through push notification campaigns. Leveraging push notifications strategically helps channel user engagement, increase repeated visits, and enhance conversions, making it an integral component of an effective digital marketing strategy.

How Does Push Notification Work?

 Lead generation is the main purpose of advertising for business. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the advertising content and message and how to optimize it in the best way to increase audience engagement and curiosity. Push ads appear in the form of a small dialog asking whether they want to receive more notifications from your website. If they agree, they are added to your database, allowing you to send them numerous notifications and thereby increase engagement on your website.

In summary, when choosing the first message for online advertising, consider the following:

1. Your message should be entirely customized and not used by any other brand or company.

2. The time of your message is based on the nature of your business and the characteristics of your target audience.

3. Decide when the message should be displayed, either upon users’ entry to your website or during their website visit.

4. Clearly state that opting out of these notifications is easy to enhance trust in your brand.

Since notification ads reach users in real-time, it’s important to use text and images that are attractive and captivating to them. At Daart Ads, we customize your notification ads with brief, useful, yet attractive suggestions to engage your audience.

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What Are Push Traffic Types?

Push notifications, as one of the effective paid online advertising channels, can be categorized into two groups: web push notifications and mobile push notifications. These notifications vary based on user interaction points and device types.

Desktop Push Notifications

These notifications are appeared when users visit certain websites for the first time. Users can opt to receive notifications, keeping them informed about news, campaigns, and offers from various businesses.

Browser Push Notifications (BPN)

BPN is a type of push notification service delivered through web browsers, accessible on both mobile devices and desktops. BPN notifications appear in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Mobile Push Notifications

These notifications are sent within various applications. Users receive messages while actively using the app. If interested, they can click on the notification to explore more about the advertised content.

App-Push notifications

App-Push notifications appear on users’ mobile devices and can be checked without opening the app. Additionally, users can receive push notifications without any time restrictions. There is even the possibility of receiving push notifications when users are not using their mobile phones.

The sender can use these notifications to send any updates, sports scores, or offers, such as flash sales. Therefore, push notifications act as a real-time communication channel, enhancing user interactions.

In-App Notifications

In-app notifications are sent to users who have agreed to receive messages within your app. So, every time users open your app, they will have a notification in their inbox.

In-app notifications are particularly useful in scenarios where users have turned off their notification alerts or when they are offline. In other words, in-app notifications serve as a backup that you can use for advertising purposes. Using push notifications both offline and in-app can be considered a feature of a good banner ad. For designing a good banner, it’s advisable to examine several examples of advertising banners.

What Are 5 Benefits of Push Notification Traffic?

advantages of push traffic

Statistics show that the click-through rate via push notifications is 4 to 8 times higher than email. Push notifications are permission-based, meaning users willingly participate in this advertising channel. If users choose not to participate in these advertising channels, notifications will not be sent to them. However, push notifications have other features contributing to their popularity:

Opt-In Choice

Push notifications allow you to convert users into subscribers by clicking on the opt-in option. This allows you to provide users with the option to see advertisements only when they choose the opt-in option. When a user selects the opt-in option, you can display your selected advertising messages to them.

High Quality Leads

Many businesses struggle with low and low-quality lead counts since visitors often hesitate to provide personal information. With push notifications, you don’t need to rely on collecting individual lead information. In fact, you can engage users without knowing their personal information. Daart Ads, as the best push ads network, helps businesses access a wider audience as it supports all devices and isn’t limited by geographic location or time. You’ll be able to target users who have high interaction and engagement rates with your website or app, increasing the likelihood of clicks and conversions.

Moreover, push notifications require opt-in consent, meaning that whenever a message is delivered, it ensures it reaches the actual active browser. Since most internet users use browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, you can be sure to have access to a wide range of interested audiences.

Increased Return Traffic

Once you’ve successfully attracted customers to your website for the first time, how do you retain them? Undoubtedly, convincing messages can attract your audience and immediately engage them. So, send active clickable messages and bring them back to your website from any point in their browser. This helps you increase interaction with visitors through targeted notifications and personalized messages. Push notifications sent directly to users’ browsers boast a 4 times higher click-through rate compared to email.

Time Savings

If you are a marketer, the time and effort you spend creating a newsletter or an email are crucial. Surely, you know that writing compelling copy, articles, offers, and attractive images is not easy at all. However, this is not the case with push notifications because these messages are brief and do not require a lot of time to write.

Push notifications help you realize opportunities by connecting with your users at the right time. When you need immediate responses, send push notifications without delay. You can automatically send push notifications in various online advertising campaigns, define expiration dates for each of them, and even restrict them to a specific geography.

Access to Target Audience

Push notifications perform better than SMS and email. People are not forced to read their SMS messages, and emails may turn into spam. However, this is not the case with push notifications; they are sent directly to users’ desktops or mobile browsers and demand attention.

What Are 3 Successful Push Traffic Niches?

1. Sweepstakes 

Sweepstakes, offering enticing freebies like iPhones, TVs, travel packages, and vouchers, present a highly successful niche for push ad advertising. What sets this vertical apart is its broad appeal; detailed targeting isn’t necessary as the target audience spans nearly everyone. The allure of winning valuable prizes without intricate targeting makes sweepstakes an attractive and accessible option.

2. Mobile App Promotions

Engaging users through mobile applications proves to be a thriving niche for push advertising. With the ability to send notifications to app users, advertisers can strategically utilize reminders, exclusive offers, or invitations to specific in-app actions. This personalized approach enhances user engagement and maximizes the impact of push ads within the app environment.

3. Web Game Extravaganza

The realm of web games, online video games played through the Internet, offers another successful niche for push ad campaigns. As these games are hosted on browsers, eliminating the need for users to download the game, push ads boast a high Click-Through Rate (CTR) in this vertical. The accessibility and interactive nature of web games make them an ideal platform for effective push advertising.

While these niches showcase the potential of push traffic, it’s essential to note that the versatility of push ads extends far beyond this list. Affiliates leverage push traffic across diverse verticals such as E-commerce and travel, Mobile Apps and games, Sports, Health and beauty, Finance, News and entertainment, Video Streaming, and more. The key lies in continuous testing of various offers from different angles, as the results might unveil surprising opportunities for successful push ad campaigns.

What Are the Factors Influencing Push Notification Pricing?

the price of push traffic

Now you have realized all about what is push traffic and its benefits, it’s time to know what are the price solutions for this type of advertising?

Push advertising rates are defined on a floating basis. The price you pay for these international advertisements depends on the following factors:

1. Quantity: Generally, the higher the quantity of push notifications, the lower the unit price.

2. Speed: Increasing speed requires an increase in price.

3. Type of Push: In general, web push prices are higher than mobile push prices.

4. Time of Use: Prices increase on special occasions when the overall volume of advertising campaigns is higher.

5. Calculation Method: In the process of sending push notifications, as the user’s action moves further away from the sending and closer to the action, the advertiser faces higher risks, making the task more challenging. In such cases, the price naturally increases.For these reasons, it is not possible to provide an exact price for push advertisements. For precise cost information, it is recommended to contact our experts.


In the ever-evolving realm of online advertising, push notifications emerge as a potent tool for businesses to connect seamlessly with their mobile audience, eliminating the need for extensive mobile app investments. Let’s review important tips mentioned in this blog:

  1. what is push traffic? Push traffic is messages that are sent to the audience through various platforms like desktop and mobile.

2. Push traffic CTR is 4 times higher than other advertising channels

3. To make the most out of push traffic, the business should have customized the push ad content 

  1. These notifications act as direct conduits to users’ devices, delivering timely and relevant messages and fostering engagement both online and offline. 
  2. To optimize push notification campaigns, understanding pricing factors such as quantity, speed, and type is crucial. 

Platforms like Daart Ads and expert consultations offer avenues for precise cost management. In essence, push notifications prove to be a versatile and cost-effective solution, propelling businesses forward by capturing attention, boosting click-through rates, and establishing a continuous line of communication in the digital landscape.